Thank you for your interest in being a Tobacco-Free Campus Ambassador. Our main goal for this program is to enlist volunteers who can help us create a culture of wellness on campus. We hope to present a compassionate environment to help people quit.

Your job is to be an agent of change for a healthy environment, by acting as a friendly educator and starting conversations; we ask that there is no judgment in your approach. You will work to educate and promote a Tobacco-Free Yale through discussion and dialog with fellow students, faculty, and staff.

We are looking for students and employees who share a common interest and practice of wellness in the work environment to be involved in this very worthwhile and healthy program. We want energetic, friendly people who are enthusiastic and friendly, passionate about being healthy, works well with others, pays attention to detail, and takes initiative.

Ambassadors will be trained by Being Well at Yale and Student Wellness staff on outreach techniques. You will be given baseball caps, t-shirts and nametags to identify yourselves. We also ask that you carry materials that explain our public health campaign and offer free quit assistance, and approach smokers with a warm greeting and gentle reminder that Yale is working towards becoming a tobacco-free campus. You will also receive an ambassador’s package with a FAQs brochure, scripts, and tobacco cessation resource cards to give away while talking with others.

Ambassadors will participate in observation, role-play, peer feedback, and continual mentoring as they fine-tune their scripting skills. We want to ensure that a consistent message is used with everyone on campus and that Ambassadors are confident in responding to a variety of scenarios.