Tobacco-Free Yale Video Series Launched - “We Quit, So Can You!”

August 18, 2016

In November, 2015 Yale launched its Tobacco-Free Health Campaign (TFY). Now as Yale prepares to be the first Ivy League College to go completely tobacco free, the Tobacco-Free Yale Project Team is launching a new video series entitled “We Quit, So Can You!”  These videos feature members of our community who have quit smoking telling their compelling stories in the hopes of inspiring others to get healthy.  There are 6 videos in all and we will be releasing one every other week through November when the Yale Tobacco Free Policy goes into affect.

The first video featuring Yale Security Officer Robert Corso is entitled “The Power of Faith.”

For the entire series, visit the Tobacco-Free Yale YouTube playlist.

Any Yale Community member who wants to tell the story of how they quit smoking please email